Special Forced Ventilation Kits

Special Forced Ventilation

Over the last few years we have also introduced new products designed and manufactured for use in unfavorable conditions (saline environment, potentially explosive atmospheres) or in particular environment (chemical, naval, railway), using materials suitable for Customer needs.

In particular we produce forced ventilation kits:

  • in stainless steel for various sectors, including food, pharmaceutical and chemical,
  • coated with thermoplastic paints, characterized by a high resistance to atmospheric agents such as sun, salt, sand and a good resistance to abrasion and impact .
    The components of our servoventolas, treated with this type of paint, have been entrusted to an external company that has certified, according to ASTM B 117 regulations, an average durability class (720h) in saline fog conditions.
  • From 2017 we have, in addition, a new line that complies with ATEX standards for category 3GD for zones 2 and 22. Servo fans are designed to guarantee protection against the risk of explosion,
  • for use on motors with a square casing, ,
  • for use on gearmotors.


Furthermore, we can produce forced ventilation kits either according to the Customer’s design, or starting from the engine and designing a customized one from scratch.