QR Code

Traceability and QR Code

In 2018, on the occasion of the SPS IPC Drives Italia fair, Job’s Service presented a technology to improve the traceability of its products, adopting the QR Code, already successfully used in the automotive sector.

TThe QR Code is added to the label of the servo-fan, making it possible to provide the Customer with all the information that would normally be omitted or entrusted to delicate paper data sheets, making information more rapid and reliable.

The use of this technology makes it possible to consult the product information in the field, without the need to have to look for the paper document filed in the archive, thus having the information available at the time.

Finally, having a QR Code associated with each item, it is possible to make the request for reordering or replacement of the same easier.

This technology does not require expensive scanners for read the code. All you need is a Smartphone with an app (often free) for reading QR Codes, so you can immediately take advantage of all available information.