Job’s Service is able to provide products that adhere to the most important certifications available worldwide


The CE marking names a set of mandatory practices for all products for which there is a community directive. It is made by the manufacturer of a regulated product in the European Union, which declares that the product complies with the safety requirements provided for by the applicable EU directives or regulations.

The UL and CSA certifications of these times are in great demand particularly from Italian companies, eager to export to the North American market (USA and Canada). These product certifications certify the compliance of electrical and electronic items with the essential safety standards.

The Chinese mandatory certification (CCC) is similar to other certifications for the standardization of product quality such as, for example, the European CE system. Products requiring this certification can be imported, sold and / or used in business activities in China only after obtaining Chinese mandatory certification.

The EAC Certificate of Conformity is a trademark for products to indicate that these products comply with all the technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures. This means that it meets all the technical requirements and regulations applicable to the product and that it can be served in all the manufacturer’s service centers in the territory of the countries belonging to the Customs Union.