The Company

Job’s Service was founded in 2001 to offer valuable assistance to manufacturers of electric motors, by offering services for assembling motors and electric brakes, converters and encoders.

Job’s Service is a dynamic business, investing all its professionalism and passion for the benefit of its clients.

Over the years, it has expanded into other areas:

  • electro mechanics with armature connections for continuous current motors and permanent magnet motors
  • electric with electrical switchboard cabling and waterproof systems for cabling in general
  • mechanical with boring and threading with multi-drill tapper heads for aluminium fusion for electric motors and ferrous equipment in general.

Since 2003, after years of experience, and having the necessary expertise, the company decided to invest in the design and creation of items specifically designed to respond to the needs of their clients by producing servo-ventilation, mono-phase and tri-phase, with a range covering the dimensions coming from Mec 56 Mec to Mec 400.

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