Thanks to its’ years of experience in servo-ventilation, Job’s Service can offer its Clients a product of quality, plus a large range of associated services that allow it to help clients choose the best solution for their needs.


So our Clients can choose the products they need, as well using a ventilation protection grill from the MEC series, or one that has been made-to-measure.

Thanks to our technical department, we can design an entirely personalised product (diameter, dimension, fixation holes, position of the junction box for separate feed, lever slots for releasing the brake, etc.) then send a 3D model and improve it in collaboration with our Client.



Our servo-ventilations can also be equipped with a wide range of electric ventilators.
We can provide a product that goes from VCC 12V-48V to CA 115V-230V (mono-phase) up to 480V (tri-phase).
All our products can be certified in various ways, including with certificates UL, CUR, TUV and CE.
Furthermore, as concerns the whole of the tri-phase range 230/400V at 50/60Hz, it is possible to request a declaration of origin of products for a preferential regime.


Every product, without exception, is checked and tested in order to guarantee faultless quality.


Electrical brakes

Electromagnetic negative brake, whose braking action can work in the absence of current.

In the case of continuous current brakes, it is possible to improve braking time, by directly interrupting the current to the brake by using the switch.

Continuous current brakes are fed directly by a phase of the motor or by means of a separate feed.

Manual, mechanical brake release is realised by moving the release lever.


Table of continuous current brakes (nominal torque).

MEC M56 M63 M71 M80 M90 M100 M112 M132
Nm 1,8 4 4 8 16 35 75 100

Top Plug

Quick connection for electrical motor terminals, giving security and speeding up the work on the test bench.

The Top Plug connects in several seconds with no risk and, thanks to the locking lever, allows simple and practical movement of the motor.

The electrical parts are completely isolated so as to allow the operator to work in complete safety.

The connector meets European safety standards.


Model specifications: Top Plug
Technical sheet: Top Plug technical table

It is equally possible to make Top Plugs with 6 plugs and with other measurements than those in our reference table.


We have a workshop, mainly used for the transformation and construction of our products, with column drills, multi-drill tapper heads, pneumatic presses, flanging machine and burnishing machine.

Plus, we work continuously with a business leader in laser-cutting.


We also make, on request and to our clients’ measurements, small electrical panels for installation on the machine.


Our Clients may choose between several accessory solutions, such as extension strips, increase and reduction of diameters, waterproofing and textile coverings, etc.